Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salvaged Title = Death.

Great news! We found a new car that we love! And when I say new car, naturally I mean a "new used car," but we love it nonetheless. Turns out my cute old junker isn't worth much more than a dime, so some peeps are coming to haul it off for us tomorrow. I'm a little sad about it. I'd really like to be able to say "now take good care of it for me..." or I hope you enjoy it as much as I did" in good faith that they will, but that would be lies considering it'll be on it's way to the salvage yard to be ripped apart for scrap metal and used parts. Tear.

Has anyone else been excited enough about a new car that within the first few hours of owning it you've been found washing it, vacuuming and detailing the interior, or just sitting in it with the music up loud, AC blowing cold, basking in all of it's greatness just because you can? Pretty sure I was..., which is slightly embarassing, especially after the husband came looking for me wondering what the heck I had been doing for hours parked in the garage,...but then I remind myself that 2 weeks ago I was driving to work with my high beams on (insert angry drivers, and headlights and fingers being flashed my way...., here) because my headlights would occasionally decide not to work or the fact that I haven't enjoyed AC in my vehicle for over 2 summers now, or that my new car actually has a lumbar support! What a concept! Or the best yet, that my old car was named as a fire hazard because of the seriously compromised fuse box and open electrical wiring. (Don't worry, that was the last day I drove that car...) And then I feel a titch less lame and entirely grateful to be able to have a "new used car"....

Although almost anything would be considered an upgrade from my past vehicle, this newish vehicle is loved and very much appreciated! :)

Disclaimer: The safety and reliability of purchasing a vehicle with a Salvaged or Branded Title cannot be guaranteed. Period. Don't do it matter how much you love it or how great of a deal it appears you will be getting.

In case you were wondering, my cute little blue car, which looked and drove perfectly when we bought it about 4 years ago had a salvaged title.

It is safe to say our "new used car" most definetly has a clean title. Will we be purchasing clean titles from here on out until we die?....You betcha! :)

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're a bunch of Sickies at our house...

June was such a busy month for us. Jarom and I had a family reunion up Logan Canyon which made for our first camping trip of the year. We had a great time. We celebrated the baby blessing of one of our nephews and went to the zoo with Jarom's family, which we had been wanting to do for awhile now. Jarom finished up his crazy first half of summer semester, and began his second half of summer semester without as much as a weekend for a break. My cute little blue car finally decided to call it quits. Even with all the trouble it's given me lately, I'm so sad to see it go. I loved that car. My cute Mom won us some free tickets to the Wendover Air Show, which we couldn't pass up. It was an incredibly warm day, but Jarom and I both loved it and we had a fun little road trip :)

Since then, we've been searching for a new car, and trying to get over this sickness the husband and I managed to get. We didn't have much of a 4th of July. The both of us have been laid up on the couch or in bed for most of the weekend trying to take care of each other. We did manage to play a few games and watch some fireworks with our family, so we weren't entirely lame, and we had a BBQ and hung out with some friends prior to us being sick. As for now, I'm pretty sure our apartment is infested with a significant amount of germs. I haven't been able to convince myself to get up and get things cleaned up, but for now I'm over it, considering I can't even walk up the stairs without wearing myself out entirely, so instead we've resorted to having a Pirates of the Carribean movie marathon while eating chocolate creamies. I've decided I'm not very good at being sick and would make a terrible patient....poor Jarom. I think he's probably growing tired of my inability to decided if I'm cold or hot and my nasty cough that has been keeping him up all night.

Assuming this sickness will eventually go away (after letting it run it's course, and having taken a whole bottle of Vitamin C tablets), we're hoping tomorrow will be the last day I'll have to worry about sharing the truck with the husband, which is a stick shift mind you...

Here's to hoping for a better week than the week has been so far....