Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter, etc....

For easter Jarom and I went down to Hurricane to celebrate with family and to also celebrate our niece Cailin's baptism. These are my girls in their adorable easter dresses....

Jarom and I bought the kids some kites and took them out one day. This was my favorite, our nephew Asher refused to fly his kite more than 2-3 feet away from him. It was hillarious...Jarom tried to show him that the kite wouldn't fly him away by flying his kite really high, but Asher wouldn't have any of it. In Asher's defense, it was super windy ;)

Jarom and Roxie Jo

Jarom's Mom plans a big easter egg hunt for the kids and family every year, this year Jarom spoiled me too. Between the both of them, we had candy coming out of our ears. He hid the biggest easter eggs known to man for me to find. They were filled with wonderful things :) I was totally surprised and was in love with my ginormous pink eggs. I just love my husband.

Nothing really new...Jarom started up his Summer semester at UVU just after a 10 day break from Spring semester. He's taking 20 credits this semester. I'm totally proud of him, I don't think I ever took more than 16 credits at a time and that was pushing it...and I was one of those wierd people that LIKED school. As for Jarom, I could think of at least a million things he likes more than an organized, established learning environment school and homework...

I had a fabulous Birthday. After planning our entire getaway to Vegas for our Anniversary, Jarom spoiled me for my Birthday and took me on a little shopping spree. (April was a great month for me) :) We celebrated my Birthday with Jarom's family while we were down for Easter weekend, and then went out to dinner to Olive Garden with my family when we got home. 23...I'm getting so old. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

Jarom and I have been teaching the 12 year old Sunday School class at church. It has been really fun to have this calling together. I've really enjoyed watching Jarom with the kids. He's a great teacher and is so good to fill in when I have to work Sunday's.

This Summer Jarom and I are planning a trip to Indio California with Jarom's family for a week...we're looking forward to another vacation and some sunshine, especially after all of this never-ending rain.

And to sum it up, my husband still rocks :) Last night when I got home from work, Jarom had a picnic blanket thrown out on the lawn for dinner with pillows, and games....I love coming home to him. Marriage is the greatest... :)