Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

One of the hardest things when I first became engaged and was married to Jarom, was feeling guilty for being so happy and in love, when my sweet Mom, who next to Jarom is my best and closest friend and confidant, was hurting, and feeling so alone because of the choices her once sweetheart chose to make.

As time has passed, our hearts have slowly been able to heal.  Days like Valentine's Day, or Anniversaries have become a little less hard, but what my Jarom did yesterday, and what he does everyday, brings me more joy and means more to me than he'll ever know. 
Although Jarom knows he is my important person, he realizes and understands that my Mom is one of my important persons too.  Jarom is the reason I have been able to survive and cope with feeling the void of my Father, feelings of anger, abandonment, confusion, and dissappointment, a hurting mother, and all of the concern and worry on behalf of my family.

This Valentine's Day was a special one to me, and it wasn't because the husband and I both had the day off of work to spend a lot of time together...because we both worked long days and late, and it wasn't because it was very expensive or grand, because we are trying to save our pennies, and it wasn't because of the flowers Jarom bought me, or the delicious meal he made, or the chocolate covered strawberries he dipped for dessert, the candy and treats, or the rose petal flowers he put on our bed (although I did love all of those things, thanks hunny!), it was because he showed me how to love and serve others and reminded me what was most important.  He made what was important to me, important to him. 

We worry about loved ones for many different reasons, but we especially worry about them being hurt, sad, in pain, or discouraged.  So not only did Jarom make me feel loved, and important yesterday, but he thought about my sweet Mom, and made her feel important as well.  He wasn't overly concerned about making sure our dinner was full of romance, but of chivalry and unselfishness.  He chatted with my Mom to make sure her day was going ok, and was there for her when I was stuck working late at work.  He bought her flowers, and her favorite chocolates, to let her know he was thinking about her, and that he appreciates her, and he invited her to dinner that he had ready for me when I got home from work.  It was a perfect day in my eyes.

I realize I am a lucky woman when I say that I have the pleasure of hearing "I love you" from my sweet husband more than a dozen times each and every day.  The way Jarom says it, helps me to know that it's not just a word that is thrown around or used casually, but a word full of meaning and trust.

I always thought Valentine's Day was supposed to be this great day, full of love, and romance (just like you see in the movies), but I was reminded and shown that we don't need a specific day to have those things.  I'm grateful that Jarom made it a great day. I'm grateful for what he did for my cute Mom, and that he has been so supportive of our decision to move closer to home and to be here for our family.  I'm grateful to him for putting up Christmas lights, repairing the family vehicles, moving the lawn, fixing sinks and light bulbs, and for stepping up since we've been married to help my Mom and to make sure that she and my family are taken care of.

And I'm grateful that Jarom makes me feel loved and special everyday, and not just on Valentine's Day.

And don't you worry, there was some romance for the two of us...  ;)

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day with those they love!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"When I get home I'm gonna scrub this place like it's a crime scene, which it is because you murdered joy"

I don't even know where to begin....I'm so behind, so here's a quick catch up.
  • Christmas was slightly lame.  I was sick with the flu and in bed most of the day. I did make it to church (which was my favorite part, I loved having church on Christmas Day) and through most of opening presents before throwing up, and my husband took good care of me.  Turns out my family was able to have a fun time without me. Who knew....Just Dance 3 anyone?
 Isn't my Mom the best...she would kill me if she knew I put this on here!
"Oh I just ripped my shirt off...!"  ha ha, makes me laugh everytime.
  • Jayden left for his mission to Canada and has been in Canada for about 3 weeks now. Side note: Jarom had to work so he wasn't able to do the drive by drop off at the MTC, therefore he is not in any of the pictures.  Jayden says it rains every day, he's met a hoarder, true TLC style. Bathrooms are called washrooms, and tator tots are called potatoe puffs.  Oh Canada....

  • Jarom bought me my very first legitimate phone, and I'm proud to say I'm officially an iphone owner.  I heart my iphone.  It's changed my life.
  • Jarom turned 27.
  • Jarom also spoiled me with my first gun, a 22 Ruger Pistol.  I love it. 

  • I joined pinterest.  I have since been dying to redo our master bedroom, which I have started.  I also have become addicted to cooking and baking and have been trying new recipies at least several days a week.  My husband isn't complaining. Who knew cooking could be fun!
  • Jarom was sick on New Years Eve, we both were in bed by 8 o'clock.  Sleeping. Nothing exciting there.
  • For Christmas we asked for Emergency Prepardness stuff, so I'm working on putting together some 72 hour kits, first aid kits, and we are working on our food storage. 
  • Jarom was called to be the Young Men's secretary. We are still teaching the 12-13 year old sunday school class together.  
  • We took a few trips to Hurricane as often as we could.  Kelly was baptized, and Bridger and Calum had their 1st birthdays!

  • Went to the gun show last weekend. Bought some new sheets for our Master bedroom makeover while we were there...random.  I know.
  • I had an eye appointment because I thought I might need surgery on my eye, but turns out not yet...we will wait and see.  In the mean time I'm going to try contacts.
  • I've been thinking about going back to school for my Masters...but I've done just that and only that...thought about it. If only school wasn't so expensive.
  • Jacie had Jr. Prom ( I loved her dress, it was so different than mine) and State Drill. (Isn't Jacie's face awesome....front. row, right side)

  • We had a date night at Nickel Mania with some friends and had so much fun, we've already been back again.  I never knew I was so good at video games.  The Men weren't as thrilled as I was about my new found talent.  I feel bad now, because I made fun of the people who went there frequently, but it's cheap, insanely fun, and those prizes are legit.  I will judge no more.
And that's all I have for now...stay classy.