Monday, March 21, 2011

Blonde moment...

Today....I flooded my kitchen. I know, awesome. Not feeling so bright at the moment. Who floods their own kitchen. How embarassing right? I am the biggest multi-tasker. If I'm not doing 5 things at once, I go stir crazy. It drives Jarom nuts....

This afternoon I thought I would be productive and get an early start on dinner so I threw some frozen meat into the sink to thaw, put the plug in the drain, flipped on the water and walked away! (Real smart Marisa) Walked back a few minutes (too long) later to find water pouring over the sink, and all over the floor. I screamed Jarom's name, grabbed every single towel in the linen cabinent that we own (after turning the water off of course) while Jarom grabbed our worthless piece of work mop, and then we laughed...alot. About an hour later we had it all cleaned up.

That's what I get for being too inpatient to stand and wait for the sink to fill for a whole 2 minutes. What can I's a really big sink!? :)

On a happier note...we leave for cabo a week from today, which is probably a great thing. I could use a vacation and some warm weather. Lately nothing I say comes out right. I've been saying the most unusual things, flooding my kitchen, having the strangest of dreams, and sleeping terribly. (Quick sidenote: can I just say that Jarom can fall asleep in 25 seconds flat. Literally 7-8 deep breaths and he's gone, with the occasional snore and all. How abnoxious...)

I love April. For the past 21 years of my life, my birthday has always fallen right in the middle of finals week, but not anymore! So instead of being my crazy stressed out self over final exams and grades, I'll be crazy and stressed out about turning 23. (I still find myself doing the math in my head to make sure that's really right, because the thought of me turning 23 seems crazy)

I also am really excited and looking forward to celebrating my 1 year Anniversay with my hunny. (I love you Jar). I can't believe it's already been a year! Our upcoming anniversay has come up a few times in conversations over the past few weeks and everytime, Jarom will accidentally call it our "honeymoon" instead of our anniversary. It makes me laugh. My husband... :) I love him.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Don't judge people.

Happy Monday!