Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In recent news...

Had a busy weekend. Jarom's parents drove up from Hurricane and stayed with us. They came up to go to the BYU game for Curtis's birthday. (Happy Birthday Curtis!) We are grateful BYU won. Jarom and I also drove up to Logan for a family wedding. (Congratulations Kevin and Lindsay!) I love weddings. I cried. Couldn't help it. This weekend I was introduced to Modern Family for the first time, thank you Josh. I think it's safe to say it's my new favorite show. If you haven't seen it, you must. Hillarious!

This morning I got a call at 4 a.m from the hospital saying I was put on call today. Thought to myself excellent, it's going to be a fabulous day and immediately went back to sleep. I decided today would best be spent making/decorating Terri's delicious sugar cookies. So, we did exactly that..

(Jarom's were alot better than mine, but in my defense
he's been doing this for years...I'll get better)

In case you were wondering, they were delic. Thanks Terri!

Since Jarom and I have been married he's decided to take on several new hobbies...his most recent being hunting. He saw this Savage Edge 308 hunting rifle online and immediately fell in love with it. Long story short, he shopped around everywhere to find the best price and after dreaming about/loosing sleep over the idea of it selling out or becomming unavailable for two weeks, we decided what the heck... :)

The best part about it (aside from the fact that my husband is actually sleeping again) is that on more than one occasion I've walked in the door to find him laying on the floor behind some sort of barracade made up of the couch pillows from the front room. He's worse than a little kid on Christmas :) Gotta love him.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Holiday Scheduling...

I can't remember the last time I just sat, quiet, by myself. I'm an enthusiastic planner. I do best staying busy, with long lists, and full schedules. As a "new nurse" I have the pleasure of working every other weekend...I'm not complaining, I was fortunate enough to find a nursing job in Utah, let alone working full-time and day shifts . I can suck it up and work a few weekends. It never killed anyone. One nice thing about working weekends is that occasionally, (meaning rarely, or almost never) it's quiet, and slow. I'm working today, alone, on the orthopedics unit with two patients and it is both quiet and slow. So I thought I'd set my book and KSL classifides ads (a.k.a. wishful couch looking) asside and blog a bit of what we've been up to...

First of all...holiday scheduling. I've been dreading this moment for a long time. Mostly because of my work schedule (apparently people get sick on holidays too,) but also because our families don't live particuarly close to one another, throw in being newly married and trying to establish your own traditions, and well, it can get quite complicated. For now, I'm just hoping it'll work out in the end. Back to scheduling, the process is intense...it includes rating Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas, and New years eve and New years on a scale of 1-6, (apparently everything is done on a scale here at the hospital..."What is your pain on a scale of 1-10" I can't even count how many times I ask this question on a daily basis) I feel like I'm being trapped. It's such a loaded question. How do you rate your holiday's? There are no guarantees. I'm trying to be all strategic about how and at what number to request these days off. But I'm at a loss. There are too many variables. If I think about it anymore I may just loose sleep over it. I guess it's just the planner in me.

Thursday- Jar and I washed up his bike all nice-like and got it ready to store for winter. Sad day. It will be missed. That night we went and saw the movie "Life as we know it" loved it. Highly recommended. Sidenote: Jarom is so good to go to movies that I want to see. I love him.

Friday- Jarom saw on the news that this fisherman caught a 30' some odd 14 lb. trout at Strawberry Reservoir, so naturally we had to go catch one too ;) We drove through Provo Canyon, the leaves are amazing. I love fall. Alot. It was really windy at Strawberry, but we had a good time. Jar brought our grill and made us some BBQ chicken. I caught a 14 in. trout which was our sole catch of the day, but in Jar's defense he did all the work, I was just holding it for a minute :)

And today- Nothing exciting. Our new favorite past-time is watching the Amazing Race on Sunday nights with the fam. We don't have T.V. so we try to go up when we can and watch it at my Mom's with them. Afraid we'll have to miss it tonight. Thank goodness for Hulu and other online broadcasting systems :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Monday, October 4, 2010

And so it began...

I've always wanted to keep a journal, but haven't. Now that I've graduated and working full-time consists of me working three days a week, I get bored. I've recently taken up blog stalking, it's entertaining. Jarom and I refuse to pay for television. We're cheap. I like to think of ourselves as being "frugal." I also have recently realized I have a serious fear of "messing things up," therefore I just avoid them. This is why I don't do crafts. I don't scrapbook, I don't sew, I don't write in journals (my left hand never fails to smear the ink all across the page as I'm writing), I'll mess it up, of this I am sure. But then I thought, you can't really mess up blogging...there's a delete button just in case, so we're good. Also, this year has been the most life changing year of my life. I got married, I graduated from college and have begun my career, I became an aunt :) I've had some significant changes take place within my family, and I even drove a stick shift and went to my first concert. Thank you Jon Schmidt. So with that being said, I decided now is probably a good time to start some form of documentation of my life for posterity's sake. Yay for me!